5 tips to riding safe and warm in winter

riding safe and warm in winter

The winter is upon us but it is impossible not to enjoy a good bike ride in the low temperatures. At the same time, it is important to remain safe and warm. Here are 5 simple tips to staying warm while riding in the winter months.

  1. Pad Yourself

Driving a motorbike in the winter months can be invigorating but not all the time. Most of the days, we would like to feel toasty and protected when driving in cold, chilly air. The most practical way of doing this is to wear protective gear. The basic kit should include a jacket (not a leather one, but made of special material suitable for winter), a scarf, and socks. Additionally, you may opt for glove liners, neck tubes and even knee warmers. Make sure that your collars, and sleeve and trouser cuffs are stretchable so that they close tightly around the limbs. This will protect cold air from entering your body when you drive at high speeds.

  1. Bike Accessories

Investing in some special dirt bike accessories for the winter is a sensible option. These accessories are designed for the parts of your body that come in contact with cool surfaces of the bike most frequently. These accessories include protective handgrips, seat warmers and foot warmers. These can be connected to the battery of your bike and make your hands, feet and seat feel comfortably warm especially on long rides. One thing that you need to be careful about is that these accessories can consume quite a bit of the fuel and can place stress on your bike battery.

  1. Maintain the Right Posture

Sometimes, try as you may, it is impossible to avoid facing a chilly road when driving a motorbike. If you know you have to drive on a cold day, make sure you avoid the wind as much as possible. Protect your face, legs and arms against the wind. A simple way of doing is to hunker down a bit when driving. This will make your body more streamlined and reduce the surface area that is exposed to the wind. You can invest in a good detachable windshield from BikeBandit.com to prevent the wind from hitting you all the time.

  1. Make Frequent Stops

Whether you are on a short journey or a long one, remember to make frequent stops along the way to regain some of the body heat you’ve lost along the way. Sometimes it is difficult to notice the effect of the chill on the body because the body slowly becomes numb after some exposure to the cold wind. It is important to stop after some time and have something warm to drink or simply duck into a roadside inn. A short walk can also get the blood into circulation and help to maintain body heat.

  1. Keep the Metabolism in Flow

Before setting out on your motorbike on a chilly day, make sure to have a good meal. Eat something warm like soup or spicy food that will increase the internal temperature of your body. Keep a snack to have along the way, especially when you notice yourself shivering. This is an indication that your body is trying to raise your body temperature. Also, avoid consuming caffeinated drinks because they actually lead to a reduction in your body temperature.

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