2019 Mini Cooper Oxford Edition Drivers’ Notes Review

2019 Mini Cooper

The 2019 Mini Cooper Oxford Edition is an interesting little model. It’s available in both 2- and 4-door Hardtop configurations and aimed at and specifically for college students, recent grads, those in law or medical school as well as active duty or recently discharged or retired members of the military. No one else qualifies to buy one, which is a bummer, because the Oxford Edition is one smoking deal.

Not only does it undercut the price of a bare-bones Cooper, it packs in nearly $7,000 worth of features at no additional cost. That includes stuff like heated seats, a panoramic moonroof, parking sensors and 17-inch wheels.

This is such a joyful car to drive. It’s quick, spritely and engaging. It feels great rowing through the gears, especially the way the car comes to life as you release the clutch in third gear. The car feels peppy in the low-to-mid rev range, but loses some steam as you climb to the top.

I almost completely agree with John, the regular Mini Cooper is exemplary of good, simple fun. It makes less than 140 horsepower and pound-feet of torque.

What’s also impressive and appreciated about this relatively base Mini is how quiet and comfortable it can be. It’s much more compliant over bumps than the JCW, but doesn’t sacrifice too much in the handling department.

However, this Mini Oxford Edition is a curiously enticing vehicle I may end up recommending to some folks who don’t feel the need to purchase a giant crossover they certainly don’t need in living the 22-year-old single life. What better time is there to drive around a tiny, cute, semi-impractical and fun car? That’s right, this is the time. And the Oxford Edition makes getting a few cost-options a much cheaper excursion.

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