Dendrobium D-1 Stuns As First Electric Hypercar To Be Shown At The Le Mans 24 Hours With Michelin


The Dendrobium D-1 is the first all-electric hypercar to be shown at the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans in France.

Traditionally an automotive pilgrimage for over 320,000 petrolhead race fans from all over the world, this all-electric, mega-watt horsepower technical tour-de-force has been wowing supercar enthusiasts who’ve flocked to see the car on show at the Michelin hospitality stand.

“I’m massively encouraged by the knowledge and enthusiasm race car fans are showing for a zero- emissions future” said Nigel Gordon-Stewart, Chairman and CEO of Dendrobium Automotive Limited. “When fans come to Le Mans, they are here to see superfast endurance racing, the toughest and, I think, most technically demanding racing in the sport. To have so many fans genuinely excited about a future of high performance electric hypercars with zero emissions is really pleasing. All of them want to see the Dendrobium D-1 racing at Le Mans in the future against other electric supercars and even petrol and hybrid cars if the regulations allow it.”

The D-1 is on display at the Michelin hospitality unit on the approach to the final chicane before the pit straight. Michelin are working as technical partners with Dendrobium on tyres for the extreme performance car and have recently fitted the all-new Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2R, the latest and most sporting tyre Michelin produce for road cars.

“We’re incredibly grateful for the technical knowledge and involvement contribution from Michelin as, arguably, the top tyre maker in the world” commented Gordon-Stewart. “The D-1 packs a fearsome punch in performance but that performance is redundant if we can’t get the power down on the road. That’s where Michelin and their advanced understanding of the laws of physics and tyre compound chemistry come in.

We’re delighted to be here at Le Mans for the 2019 24 Hours and to be the first electric hypercar to visit the hallowed Circuit de la Sarthe. And we’re looking forward to establishing more firsts with Michelin in the future as the development of the Dendrobium D-1 advances.”

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