Here Are the Notable People Ford Accepted And Rejected For GT Ownership


Ford has taken an unorthodox approach to selling its latest flagship. The Ford GT is a highly anticipated vehicle for the automaker, its successor to the famous supercar released in 2005. Last year, it even brought the car back to Le Mans and won. Ford is serious about this car, but did it choose the right buyers?

The company’s decided to build just 500 cars (initially), which means not every run-of-the-mill multi-millionare can walk down to their nearest Ford lot and pick one up. Unlike the last GTs, which could be bought by any shmoe that walked into a Ford dealer, every unit of the new GT has already been spoken for. Demand was so high, that over 7000 people applied for the opportunity to buy the $450,000+ supercar.

On its surface, Ford’s plan made sense. Give people with a voice the chance to own the new GT, giving them to incentive to share their experiences with the car to their followers. This, in turn, would allow Ford to reach larger audiences and sell more cars.

So, obviously, Ford chose people with reach. Music sensation Deadmau5, baseball star and noted car enthusiast C.J. Wilson, Youtuber Shmee150, and Brooks from Dragtimes are among the list of approved applicants. Whether you’re a fan of these names or not, you can’t deny they have influence.

Probably the most interesting public acceptance letter has come from the automotive website The Truth about Cars. TTAC announced that Sanjay Mehta, the brother of TTAC writer Sajeev, was able to secure one of the 500 cars.

Of course, Sanjay is also a noted cancer surgeon and an avid collector with a garage full of exotic cars, including a last generation Ford GT. He would have been able to get an allocation without the relation to TTAC, but the outlet for exposure probably didn’t hinder his chances.

Ford made it clear that owners should want to share their experiences with the car, and what better way to do that other than a popular automotive website where your brother is a writer?

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