Mazda6 Sees Gains In Ugly Month For Midsize Sedans


Though June overall wasn’t a terrible month for automaker sales, at least for the most part, it was pretty hideous for midsize family sedans. Basically every single model in the segment saw declining numbers including the Subaru Legacy, Nissan Altima, Ford Fusion, Volkswagen Passat, and even perennial volume sellers such as the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry. All of these cars are down in year-to-date numbers, too. But there’s one bright spot, and it comes from Mazda.

Mazda reports that the Mazda6 actually had a really good month. It sold 3,204 examples of the family sedan in June 2018, compared with 2,360 in June of last year. That’s a nearly 36 percent increase month-over-month. It was also enough to bump Mazda6 sales for 2018 ahead of 2017’s numbers through June. Those numbers also put the Mazda6 ahead of the Volkswagen Passat for June, and just 20 vehicles shy of the Subaru Legacy.

Admittedly, these are still small numbers all around. In the same month, Honda sold over 26,000 Accords, and Toyota sold about 27,000 Camrys. Sales of Mazda’s other vehicles also indicate that crossovers really are the new hotness. The CX-5 sold a whopping (relatively) 12,710 units. The CX-3 and CX-9 sold about 2,300 examples each, which is below both Mazda3 and Mazda6, but both crossovers gained more this month and over the year than both cars. Mazda3 is actually down this month and overall. All of this also seems to give some credence to Ford’s decision to move away from traditional sedans.

Still, for fans of more conventional cars, it’s a bit heartening to see that more niche players can find some success with the design. We’re also pleased to see such an excellent sedan recognized with actual buyers.

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