Things That Can Keep Your Car Running Longer

Most people want their vehicles to keep running for a long time. If this sounds like you, then be sure to follow these maintenance tips to avoid big problems down the road.

Switch Out Your Wiper Blades

It can be hard to remember that your windshield wiper blades need to be changed regularly. However, if you can get yourself to do a check on several systems at the same time, perhaps monthly, it will help you to remember to check the blades, too. It is best to make the switch before the rubber becomes torn or bare. Most people can make the change themselves.

Use a Fuel Air Separator.

Whether you currently have a fuel air separation system in your vehicle or not, it is a good idea to get one installed. When air gets into the fuel, it can cause more emissions, higher fuel usage, and even cause your engine to lose power. By keeping the fuel cleaner, you will improve the way your car functions.

Get That Dirty Oil Changed

Changing oil is a standard maintenance item that you likely do regularly. Your vehicle manual will give you a standard schedule for getting the oil changed. Many people like to do it themselves, while others prefer to take the car in and let the professionals handle it. Sticking to the prescribed schedule is important. Don’t skimp on the oil you are using, either. Be sure it meets the guidelines listed in your owner’s manual as far as weight or brand.

Lubricate the Latches

You may not even think about keeping the hinges and latches on your vehicle lubricated, but when they start squeaking and sticking, you’ll know you have to do something about it. It’s an easy fix and can help you feel better about your car.

Test Tire Pressure

Most modern vehicles have a tire pressure light that will show up on the control panel when tire pressure is low. However, it is important to check the inflation frequently, particularly if you are going to be heading out on a long drive.

Change Filters

Your vehicle has a number of filters that need to be changed regularly. If you have your oil changed professionally, the technician may ask you about other items such as your air filter while you are there. Be sure that your air filter is clean so that your engine can perform up to standards.

Keep these tips in mind to keep your car running well.

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