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Complete Steps of Buying

Buying a vehicle at Auto Xpedia Inc has never been easier!Just choose what you want and follow the simple steps below.

Steps 1


  • 01 Check the quotation Find out the notes and information you need to know before requesting a booking by clicking on the Quotation on the items page. Ask for Quotation
  • 02 Request a booking You can make a booking request, after checking the quotation and notice. Write the correct information in order to make a request. You can continue unfinished request in “My Wini → My Booking” Receive Quotation
  • 03 Auto Xpedia Inc staff will contact you After checking the information you provided, click on Submit Request. We will process your request and the vehicle’s state and contact you within 1 business day in order to make a booking Confirm purchase

Steps 2


  • 01 Receive the Invoice Check out the invoice in your email or download it at “My Wini → My Order” page. Confirm the information before you go to the bank. If you want to edit the information, please contact your staff. The vehicle will be reserved to you for 2 business days. Receive Quotation
  • 02 Send money to Auto Xpedia Inc Transfer the money to Auto Xpedia Inc bank account within the payment due date stated in the Invoice. Make sure to keep the date. If the payment is not made within the due date, your booking will be cancelled automatically and the vehicle will be sold to the next buyer. Confirm purchase
  • 03 Upload Transfer Receipt After sending money, upload the bank receipt at “My Order” page. Or you can send it to our staff so we can upload to our system. Upon receipt of payment, your booking will be processed to the next step, shipping. Booking Complete

Steps 3


  • 01 Check Shipping Schedule After the payment is finished, Auto Xpedia Inc shipping team will book on the fastest vessel schedule available. Once scheduled, shipping information will be updated at “My Account → My Order” page. You can also get the alarm via Auto Xpedia Inc application. Ask for Quotation
  • 02 Quality Check at the Port Your vehicle will be moved from the Seller’s yard to Auto Xpedia Inc port yard and undergo a through Q.C process. Auto Xpedia Inc Q.C team will check your vehicle information really matches with what’s stated in the system and the vehicle is in the working status. We check below.
    • Vehicle’s basic information, model, year and chassis no.
    • Engine volume and fuel type
    • Engine and transmission’s working status, running and drivable condition.
    • Major functions such as A/C, 4WD’s working statusIf the vehicle does not pass our Q.C test, it cannot be shipped and it will be returned to the Seller. Only the vehicles which are in “Run & Drive” conditions will be shipped on the vessel. Please note that your money will be secured till when your vehicle pass the Q.C. test. Receive Quotation
  • 03 Load your vehicle into a Vessel or a Container Your vehicle will be loaded into a Ro-Ro Vessel or a Container. Usually 3-4 vehicles are put together into a container and fixed with ropes and bars inside. This work is called ‘Shoring work’ and you can download your vehicle’s container shoring photos after a few days of loading. Confirm purchase
  • 04 Check the Draft B/L After vessel’s departure, usually 5-10 days later, Draft B/L will be uploaded at ”My Order” page. Check the information carefully and ask for change if the information is incorrect. Booking Complete
  • 05 Confirm the B/L After checking the Draft B/L, click the confirm button at ”My Order”page. Then Original B/L will be issued finally. Original B/L is the essential documents to get your vehicle at the port. Booking Complete

Steps 4

Receive it!

  • 01 Receive your Documents After Auto Xpedia Inc send the shipping documents to your address, the document’s tracking no. will be updated at ”My Wini → My Order” page. Track your documents and receive them. Make sure to secure your documents well because it will not be sent again.
    In certain countries, we provide electronic documents only. You can download the file in ‘My wini> My Order’ and print it out for customs clearance. Ask for Quotation
  • 02 Finally you receive it! You can check the vessel’s estimated arrival date(ETA) and track the vessel’s location in the shipping liner’s page. And finally you will receive it at the port! When you receive your vehicle, then you can follow the customs process, pay the tax and clear the vehicle according to your country’s importing regulations. Receive Quotation
  • Thank you so much for your patience and going through this wonderful journey with us!