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Document Fee

Document Fee
Thank you very much for your purchase at Auto Xpedia Inc. Once the car is shipped via vessel, Auto Xpedia Inc sends shipping document via DHL. As a step forward to increasing speed of service, Auto Xpedia Inc has a guideline for providing documents. Basic documents such as B/L, Invoice will be sent automatically without extra fee as before, however additional documents besides basic documents will be sent upon customer’s request with paying extra amount of money. Please refer to below details.
01 Basic documentwill be sent without extra fee.
  • Original Bill of Lading Sample
  • Invoice
    & Packing List

    * We don’t send you the C.I. You can download the C.I file on your order page

    In certain countries the Commercial Invoice is not required. In other cases, the Commercial Invoice is necessary for customs clearance. The following countries DO NOT need to submit C.I documents:
    Chile, Ghana, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania, Myanmar, Marshall Islands, Vanuatu, Cambodia

    If you are in any of these countries and you need a C.I file, please contact and request the document to the CS Staff

    Policies related to Commercial Invoice are subject to change depending on local Import regulations

  • Black and White Copy of
    Title Cancellation Certificate only available upon customer’s request * This is similar purposed document of Title.
02 Additional documentwill be sent upon request with extra fee.
  • Color Copy of Title Cancellation
    Certificate (Not Original)
    USD 100 Sample
  • English Translated Copy of Title
    Cancellation (Not Original)
    USD 100 Sample
  • Export Certificate in English (Original) USD 100 Sample
  • Certificate of Origin (Not Original) USD 100 Sample
  • Other Documents (Original or Copy) USD 100
    * Must be requested before purchase

Please note

A document called “Title”(Certificate of Title) cannot be existing and cannot be provided in the process.
Since the “Original Title” has to be submitted to the government for de-registration purpose, there is no “Original Title” and Auto Xpedia Inc cannot provide this title. “Title Cancellation Certificate”(color copy version) is a document issued by local government which proves the fact that the vehicle has been legally de-registered in Korea and approved for export.
All government-issued documents are electronic documents. There are no physical stamps on it.
Title Cancellation, Export Certificate, Certificate of Origin and other documents have No physical stamp on it because documents are issued electronically. If your customs office asks documents with physical stamp, show this page and explain. All government-issued documents are electronic documents. There are no physical stamps on it.
Don’t hesitate to contact us!
Should you have any questions or need any help regarding the document service, please do not hesitate to contact your staff at Auto Xpedia Inc.