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Jeep Urban e-Mobility launches in the UK

Jeep Urban e-Mobility launches in the UK

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Jeep Urban E-mobility Launches In The UkJeep Urban E-Mobility has announced the launch of the Jeep Urban Camou E-Scooter in the UK.

Jeep, the American automobile legend known for its sporty utility vehicles, suitable for both on and off-road adventure, has developed an equally stylish and functional e-scooter.

Developed in partnership with Italian e-mobility specialists, Platum, the innovative e-scooter is perfect for those who want an eco-friendly transport option with no compromise on style or functionality.

The Jeep Urban Camou is built to deliver uncompromising performance wherever you ride, giving the rider the opportunity to explore and discover new adventures, part of the classic Jeep way of life.

Rebecca Tyson, Country General Manager, Moov Electric (one of the official Jeep resellers), said: “After the recent disruption to the UK rail system and as fuel prices continue to soar, now is the time that micromobility products could be offering a solution to those who want an alternative to their car for short journeys. Personal light electric vehicles, that are both environmentally friendly and cost-effective, should soon be playing a huge role in our transport system once e-scooters are legalised by the Department for Transport.”

“The Jeep e-scooter is what you’d expect from the legendary brand. Effortlessly cool, fun and practical. It combines the very latest innovation with Jeep’s classic off-road style and sense of adventure.”Jeep Urban E-mobility Launches In The Uk

Fully suspended and rugged, it is the electric scooter for those who want to take on all kinds of terrains with ease. The 10” fat tyres are puncture proof and can easily take on uneven paths and potholes. It’s also equipped with a powerful 500W rear motor and a 48V 9.6Ah 461Wh battery, offering the user a huge 31 miles of range. The front and rear suspension cushions bumps on uneven terrain making for a more comfortable and stable ride.

The frame is built in magnesium for increased lightness and resistance. The scooter weighs under 20kg, meaning it’s still light enough to fold and carry when required.

Riders can enjoy a smarter ride with the connection to the Jeep® Urban e-Mobility User App, which allows the user to stay updated on the main performance and location of the vehicle, whilst also offering real-time assistance via the chat feature.

The e-scooter is built with European specifications in mind, meaning it’s capped at a speed of 15.5mph, includes a dual braking system and has inbuilt front and rear LED lights. The large LED display enables the rider to keep an eye on their speed and battery power.

The Jeep Urban Camou e-scooter retails at £829.99.

This is the first product in Jeep’s Urban E-Mobility range, with more e-scooters, folding e-bikes and e-MTBs expected within the next 12 months.

E-scooters are only to be used on private land and should not be used on public roads or cycle lanes.

All products are available now at Moov Electric and in other Jeep partner retailers across the UK.Jeep Urban E-mobility Launches In The Uk

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