Five Fantastic Things About The 2018 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport

2018 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport

After spending a weekend in the 2018 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport I was convinced that if I ever purchased or leased a truck—this mid-size pickup would be the perfect choice for my mode of living. The Tacoma’s modest size makes it effortless to parallel park and drive around the city.

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There are also various benefits to owning a pickup such as tailgating, moving furniture, hauling an Airstream or quads to Baja, and getting some serious shopping done at Costco. Aside from its aggressive front end and stylish all-black leather interior there are other fantastic things about the Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport worthy of attention.

It has a power moonroof.

Moonroofs seem to be a standard accessory on most vehicles today, however a moonroof on a pickup is a bit more special. If you are cruising around while rocking out to your favorite tunes and want to feel that cool breeze but don’t want to annoy fellow passengers the moonroof comes in handy. In addition, a moonroof can also help freshen up the cabin for that occasional In-N-Out burger consumed in the parking lot or any emergency roadside meal for that matter.

There’s a color-keyed hood scoop, overfenders, and rear bumper.

The Tacoma TRD Sport model gets an ultra-cool looking hood scoop along with color-keyed overfenders and rear bumper to match the color option of your choosing. At first, I did not notice the color matching overfenders and rear bumper until a friend pointed it out. If you are the type that cares about the details in styling these exterior accents will score points with you.

There are fivecupholders on the center console.

I questioned why in the universe would I ever need more than two cupholders on the center console and then thought about all my nephews and nieces that I haul to In-N-Out. Long distance road trips with a group of friends or family is another valid reason for five cupholders.

The Inferno Orange color option.

This flamboyant color option appears to be more suitable for a small car and yet the Toyota Tacoma wears Inferno Orange quite well. Before grasping the wheel of our test vehicle, I would’ve never given this color a second thought especially on a truck. The coolness of the Tacoma TRD Sport rocking an in-your-face color was enough to persuade me that Inferno Orange would be the color option I’d buy this pickup in.

Its Entune Premium JBL Audio system.

I have a tendency to geek out about factory installed sound systems because most of them tend to be terrible. The Entune Premium JBL Audio system on the Tacoma TRD Sport on the other hand is not terrible.

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