Spyker’s Koenigsegg Engine Is An Absolute Powerhouse

Spyker's Koenigsegg Engine

At the Geneva Motor Show, I chatted with both Spyker CEO Victor Muller and Christian von Koenigsegg, Spyker’s freshly announced engine supplier to talk about the specifications, future collaborations and their plans in general.

But the first thing you need to know is that the silver Spyker lettering on the displayed engine was hand-painted by Koenigsegg. Apparently, he didn’t like it in base orange and grabbed a brush with a can of paint just before the show. Talk about hand-crafted!

Needless to say, Victor Muller could have not been happier. His 50 Preliator coupés are all sold out, and now, he had to tell his customers that their cars will be delayed by nine months, only so they can be supplied with Koenigsegg V8s instead of the ancient Audi engine with a supercharger bolted on its top. That’s not a bad trade, and the kind of news that made his new Preliator convertibles even more desirable in an instant.

For Spyker’s customers, that “little bit of premium” is certainly a no brainer in exchange for a bespoke engine by Koenigsegg. When asked whether he’ll continue to expand their portfolio and share their technologies, Christian had this to say:

Our main focus is getting our own cars to the highest level and deliver them to the waiting customers as soon as possible. At the same time, we are developing so many systems, technologies, electronic platforms and Freevalve engines, this and that. And to only develop those things for twenty cars a year? Well, we can make that work. We have a good business with that. But it’s a bit of a shame not to let others use the technology, to make it come to use in a bigger picture. And it’s also potential income for the company of course, improving economic spread.

A naturally-aspirated V8 revving to 8000, connected to a six-speed manual in a car looking as special as a Spyker. That’s a real thing now.

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