The Ford Gt Mk II Is A $1.2 Million Track-Only Supercar

Ford GT Mk II

Just as we were told a short time ago, the Ford GT isn’t done yet. Ford took to Goodwood and pulled the wraps off a track-only version of the supercar, named the GT Mk II. Only 45 of these are going to be built with an MSRP of $1.2 million. So, what has Ford and Multimatic done to nearly triple the price of a road-going GT?

It all starts with throwing out any intention of this being road-legal. Anyone who buys a GT Mk II will be using it as a personal track day car, as it’s not designed for anything else. There are no racing series that it complies with either, so this allowed Ford and Multimatic to give it everything they have.

The biggest additions are aero related. As you can see in the photos, Ford has given the GT Mk II an extremely aggressive aero setup for maximum downforce. Since none of the aero has to comply to WEC or IMSA regulations, Ford was able to stretch beyond what it puts on the Ford GT racecar. Setting aside Balance of Performance restrictions and racing laws allows the larger rear wing and splitter that extends far beyond the car’s front bumper. Check out the huge diffuser hanging out the back, too. Ford says it has over 400% more downforce that a street GT, and with the Michelin slicks, it can pull more than 2 g of lateral grip. We hope you’ve been doing your neck exercises.

There’s also a big weight loss versus the street car. In total, the GT Mk II weighs 3,064 pounds. That’s 244 more pounds than the racecar, but still 200 pounds lighter than a street-spec GT. Ford says most of that can be attributed to the car’s adjustable ride height and drive modes system being removed. Now the GT features five-way adjustable DSSV dampers and a low, fixed ride height. It’s still 5 mm higher than the GTE racecars, but is also lower than the road car in its lowest setting.

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