2020 Subaru Legacy Looks Pretty Sedate

2020 Subaru Legacy

Subaru has teased its next-generation Legacy again, and this time it’s showing off the exterior. Based on this shadowy image, we can tell the midsize sedan will stick to a conservative appearance.

The headlamps have changed slightly, and the daytime running lights now take on a “D” shape. The side mirrors have been moved from the door skins to the A-pillar, and the taillights have been updated. Subaru doesn’t take big design risks, so we’re not surprised the new Legacy looks business as usual. We’ll have to leave the emotional appeal to the Mazda6 and Toyota Camry.

Subaru recently previewed the Legacy’s new vertical-oriented touchscreen. Although many controls can be found on the touchscreen, buyers will appreciate that there are still physical knobs to control the volume, tune through radio stations, and adjust the temperature.

Expect the 2020 Legacy to sit on the new Subaru Global Platform. Subaru hasn’t announced engine options on the Legacy, but the automaker will likely get rid of the 3.6-liter boxer-six that currently serves as the upgraded engine. It could replace this unit with a 2.4-liter turbocharged boxer-four like the one in the Ascent SUV.

The 2020 Subaru Legacy will debut at the Chicago Auto Show on February 7.

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