Dyson’s Plan to Build Three Electric Cars

Dyson's Plan to Build Three Electric Cars Dyson's Plan to Build Three Electric Cars

Dyson, a manufacturer famous for inventing new ideas for vacuum cleaners, hand and hair care, air treatment and lighting, has now taken its creativity to an entire new level. It would appear that Dyson has introduced plans to build not one, but three electric cars by 2020, which is a fantastic step forward for a company once known for supplying only household electrical equipment – 2020 cannot come around soon enough!

The prominent manufacturer, Dyson, has become an increasingly popular brand that is widely trusted around the world for creating household electricals and equipment such as vacuum cleaners and hand dryers. But still, it goes without saying that Dyson’s plans to build three electric cars is considered a pleasant surprise to a huge handful of enthusiastic motorists, and all vacuum lovers too – though don’t get too excited, Dyson’s electric cars will look nothing like the vacuum that lives under your stairs. Instead, it will take the appearance of a typical electric motor, just not quite as bizarre as a giant vacuum cleaner or hand dryer.

At this moment in time, Dyson’s plan is merely a shot in the dark and it’s unclear as to whether or not the plan will stick until the end, but the manufacturer has high hopes that this might just work! Dyson’s plan mostly relies on solid state batteries; those that are a step beyond the batteries fitted inside of your mobile phone, your laptop or even inside the electric cars made by Tesla. Solid state batteries will enable Dyson’s electric cars the ability to charge much quicker and drive much, much further than any other ordinary electric motor. Although, while solid state batteries are supposed to be the main issue throughout Dyson’s electric car argument, it is likely that they won’t actually be fitted in the manufacturer’s first electric car.

With all that has been said, let’s not jump to any sort of conclusions just yet. “Dyson doesn’t actually own a car factory, run a dealership network, or have anything car-related for that matter – unless of course, behind closed doors and away from the eyes of the public, the vacuum manufacturer has already mastered the plan to build the first Dyson electric car. But, that’s quite unlikely”, Kian Histone of LNK Motors. Let’s just say that it has taken some of the world’s most renowned vehicle manufacturers several years and has required countless amounts of effort and dedication to build just one electric car, let alone three of them!

That aside, a budget of more than £2 billion is a brilliant way to kick-start the plan of the first Dyson electric car straight towards the finish-line. A huge handful of successful vehicle manufacturers typically dedicate not much more than £200 million to develop new vehicles, so Dyson’s budget should ease the production work and there shouldn’t be many stumbles or falls. Who knows? Perhaps by 2020 you will witness the very first Dyson car to ever exist, and let’s not forget that it will be electric too! At the time Dyson releases the very first model, diesel and petrol cars will not be an option, so it would hardly be surprising if everyone was after one of the craziest cars on the market for themselves.

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