Mercedes-Benz S63 Amg Puts On Its Black Tuxedo

Thanks to a leaked product roadmap, we know that Mercedes-Benz is planning on releasing a facelifted S-Class by mid-2017. And right on cue, our photographers captured the S-Class sedan and Mercedes-AMG S63 sedan testing in Europe together.
Both prototypes are lightly camouflaged and can be seen wearing a lot of components from the current S-Class, indicating the sedan’s facelift will be a minor one. The S63, which is the black prototype, is wearing a similar grille, but the rest of the front fascia is obscured. The headlights, which are similar in design to the current model, have an extra strip of daytime LEDs on the lower part of the unit. The heavily camouflaged front bumper doesn’t reveal much, besides two square-like intakes on the bottom corners of the fascia.

Toward the side, the S63 will retain the current sedan’s overall profile with the sedan wearing the optional 20-inch 10-spoke forged wheels. At the back, the prototype’s rear end is heavily camouflaged with AMG retaining the same rounded rear bumper as the current model. In traditional AMG fashion, four large exhaust outlets are protruding out of the rear.

The regular S-Class prototype, which is finished in a very German shade of silver, isn’t wearing as much camouflage. The car is wearing a new set of headlights that have three LED lights running alongside the side of the unit. The lower part of the front fascia is covered in a paint-like camouflage that is hiding a rectangular design with two small intakes on the side and a large one directly underneath the license plate.

At the back, the regular sedan’s bumper has been taped directly above the tail pipes, suggesting a minor design change, while the vehicle’s taillights also have tape on the edge. If the prototypes are anything to go off, the S-Class sedan’s facelift will be concentrated at the front and the rear end.

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