The Used Ford Gts Are Coming

Ford GT

New Ford GTs are on their way to the used market. The two year waiting period is slowly expiring for more and more GT owners, and you can actually find a fair (but still small) amount of the supercars for sale now. DuPont Registry says the first GT deliveries took place in spring 2017, so it’s no surprise to see some of these cars trickle onto the used market.

There are a couple GTs going up for auction during Monterey Car Week this year. One of them through RM Sotheby’s, and the other is being offered through Bonhams out in California. There’s a GT listed for sale through Autoblog’s Cars for Sale listings — this one is coming out of Houston. Someone has a GT listed on a Dubai used car website. Others can be found scattered across the web, as well.

These 2017 model year GTs can be fully legal sales of the supercar, too. We all know of the famous John Cena Ford GT that has changed hands on numerous occasions. Ford took great issue with that car being sold before it was supposed to be. The Blue Oval says it’s not commenting on all the individual cars for sale now, though. That’s understandable, especially as more cars slowly become eligible for sale.

You won’t want to know the prices/estimates for the GTs up for sale now, though. The norm appears to be somewhere between $1 million and $2 million. If you bought a GT as an investment, let’s just say that you’re looking like a wealthy genius at this point.

Of all the GTs going up for auction or on sale, we’re personal fans of the ‘66 Heritage Edition listed for auction at Bonhams. This one is the most collectible out there, but we can’t advocate anything but miles for all the Ford GTs in existence. Even if you had bought one in 2017 and put 20,000 miles on it, the car would still be worth an absurd amount of money. We expect to see more GTs pop up for sale as time goes on. Ford is said to have made 138 GTs for the 2017 model year, so we’ll see how many folks eventually look to sell once their two years are up.

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