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President Biden says a lack of computer chips to make automobiles is the biggest reason inflation is so high

President Biden says a lack of computer chips to make automobiles is the biggest reason inflation is so high

As we mentioned earlier, President Joe Biden was heckled at his Labor Day speech in Milwaukee and warned again that “extreme MAGA” Republicans are destroying democracy. (Just how many of these extreme MAGA Republicans are there that they wield this sort of power?)

Biden mentioned during his red speech that the last couple of years have been tough, but that’s about all he was ready to concede. In Milwaukee, though, he explained why inflation is so high — it’s because the cost of automobiles has gone up because they can’t get the computer chips to make them. OK, remove automobiles from the equation; then what’s the reason for inflation?

Biden: “The biggest reason [inflation] was so high is because of the cost of automobiles. Do you know why they cost so much? Because they didn’t have the computer chips to make the automobiles.” pic.twitter.com/9pBWXyDKMB

— Greg Price (@greg_price11) September 5, 2022


— Sandy (@s_j67) September 5, 2022


— Brian (@BrianGottfried) September 5, 2022


— | Lane | (@IronThumb) September 5, 2022


— MMXXIV (@9starmtn) September 5, 2022


— The Colonel (@DaDa8239) September 5, 2022


— UltraMAGA Pups 🐕‍🦺 (@SM360654) September 5, 2022


— Andrew Campbell (@camp_bean) September 5, 2022

So how did that raise the price of housing, gas, and food?

— Justine (@BruinJustine) September 5, 2022

Inflation is high because you printed too much money. Just sayin’

— Elena (@ElenaKdotcom) September 5, 2022

I thought It was Putin

— Goose (@sir12301) September 5, 2022

So much for price gouging bit.

— Pizza Czar (@PizzaWanchovies) September 5, 2022

We thought it was because corporations had become greedy once he took office.

But didn’t he say there was no inflation? I’m so confused.

— Boomstick Mafia (@BoomstickMafia) September 5, 2022

Yeah, inflation was zero last month.

Yeah. That’s it.

— Jack Ketch (@jaljll77) September 5, 2022

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Biden tells crowd in Milwaukee that MAGA Republicans (including this heckler) are ‘destroying democracy’ https://t.co/61xGdSijto

— Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) September 5, 2022

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