How To Protect Yourself From Contracting Coronavirus

Protect Yourself From Contracting Coronavirus

As coronavirus cases in the United States continue to climb, protecting yourself and those you love from the disease is essential to controlling the spread. One of the most effective measures in continuing to protect you and your loved ones from contracting the disease is to make sure that you consistently maintain a routine that follows the guidelines recommended by the CDC.

Be Aware Of Public Spaces

Quarantining yourself and your family as much as possible is the most reliable way to decrease the chances of catching COVID in public spaces. Limiting physical social interactions, especially for entertainment purposes, is one of the most directly reliable ways to limit your exposure to the virus. However, in many cases, like grocery shopping, errands, or even work if you’re an essential worker means you’ll be around other people. In these cases, it’s best to ensure that you are always maintaining six foot social distancing and going to places that have plastic sneeze guards installed between you and employees.

Wear A Mask

Another important element in controlling the spread of the COVID-19 is to make sure that you are always wearing a mask anytime you’re in public or around people that do not live in your household. The CDC recommends that everyone wear a mask in public, including children. Choosing the right mask is also very important, as more layers provide additional protection from droplets, which scientists have detected as the main vehicle of spread of the coronavirus. Although wearing a mask can get tiring, especially if you need to wear them for long periods of time, it is one of the most critical steps in ensuring you control the spread of the virus.

Frequently Wash Hands

Washing your hands is a great way to make sure that anytime you touch surfaces, you are not transferring the virus back onto yourself or your body. Although experts have determined that this is more commonly spread by droplets, it can still be spread by physical touch. Washing your hands requires attention to detail, so continually scrubbing the hands for at least 30 seconds and getting under your nails and every part of your hand is essential to ensure that you are virus free.

Controlling the spread of the coronavirus is something that everyone must participate in for the sake of society as a whole. Protecting the most vulnerable groups and keeping communities safe should be the ultimate goal for anyone and everyone.

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