Pride And Joy: Car Maintenance Tips For Careful Car Owners


Every car owner wants to get the most out of their car. Sometimes, things go wrong, and it’s out of your control. But, a lot of car problems are also caused by the car owner. Car maintenance can be a hassle. When considering the money it can save, though, should give you plenty of motivation. This post will go through some tips to help you boost your car’s lifespan.

When a car runs out of oil, it’s engine is likely to seize up. This can only be fixed with a full engine replacement, which costs a small fortune for most cars. To avoid this problem, you just need to check your oil every month. When you open the bonnet of your car, you will find a yellow handle in the main part of the engine. Remove this, and you’ll reveal the dipstick. Wipe this stick off, and return it to it’s start position. Remove it again, and make sure that the oil sits in the correct area. Consult the instruction manual for further direction and the replacement oil that you should use.

Your car’s lights are in place to help other drivers see you just as much as they’re there to help you see. Without them, you risk causing accidents in poor conditions. A car with one headlight can look like a motorcycle. Or, it may look like you’re on the wrong side of the road. Before any long journey, and on a regular basis, you should check your lights. You can test your brake lights by having someone help you. Replacement bulbs are cheap to come by for most cars. But, if your car has fancy LEDs, you could find that it’s quite expensive. Thankfully, LED lights will generally last much longer than traditional ones.

Having a car serviced is a fundamental part of it’s maintenance. In most countries, services are a legal requirement at set intervals while you own your car. Usually, it’s a good idea to do it more frequently than you have to. Once a year is enough. It’s never worth skimping on a service, though. When you buy a car new, you will usually get a few free services at a licensed dealership or garage. Even if your car is second hand, though, you should go to the right service centre. For example, if you own a Skoda, you should go to a Skoda service centre. They will know how to work on your car correctly while using manufacturer parts.

When your car’s tyres are deflated or over-inflated, it can be dangerous to hit the road. The way that your tyres are inflated will dictate how well your car handles. So, if the pressure is wrong, it could cause an accident. You can check your tyre pressure with a tyre pressure gauge. They’re cheap to buy and will last for years. You should check this along with oil, once a month and after long journeys. You can pump up your tyres at most fuel stations.

Hopefully, this will help you start taking better care of your car. Once you make these things into a habit, you’ll find it much easier to keep up.

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