Tips for Detailing Your Car


Changing the oil, replacing the tires, or cleaning out those grimy cupholders always seems to be a hassle in the life of a car owner. However, cleaning and detailing shouldn’t be difficult after a quick trip to the hardware store. Sometimes a car’s paint job can be beyond cosmetic repair, and for that, you might look into a tough ceramic coating Maryland to fix the problem. If not, here are a few tips to get you started.

Start With the Exterior

On a warm sunny day when you’ll want to be outside anyway, grab a bucket and a garden hose on your way out. Starting by cleaning the exterior first will give you the momentum you need to finish the job. You’ll need a good tire cleaner to restore those cloudy sidewalls, and a sudsy soap formulated especially for cars. Make sure to start with a good rinse, then apply the soap with a soft-bristled scrubber. If you own a power washer, don’t be afraid to use it! Just ensure you don’t get too close, as it can easily chip the paint away due to intense pressure. Make sure to dry your car thoroughly if you decide to apply wax after the fact.

Pro Tip:

Use a streak-less glass cleaner to really clean the inside and outside of all the windows. This will certainly remove any water spots leftover from a good washing and drying. Going the extra mile is important if you really want to see through those windows!

Move to the Interior

This step can be by far the most time-consuming depending on how clean you want your car. However, to do a near-professional job all you’ll need is a vacuum cleaner, an all-purpose plastic spray cleaner, and a microfiber towel. These three things are the staples of any good car detailing endeavor.

Most people want to immediately start with the floors since they are the dirtiest and easy to see. However, professional car detailers work starting from the top, saving the floor for last so that all dirt and dust is funneled down. Start by dusting the nooks and crannies with the microfiber towel and finish by polishing all the plastic surfaces with the spray cleaner. From there, vacuum out the seats and pockets and then move to the floor.

Next time you muster the energy to finally clean your car, keep these few tips in mind to get it done quickly and easily!


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