Why is Asbestos Used in Automobiles?


Asbestos is a dangerous way to solve a dangerous problem. It is a component used to stop fires from spreading, and it safe to say after all the years of research, if the fire does not kill a person, the asbestos will, according to Asbestos.Net. Asbestos will not burn in a fire, so they used it to put in automobiles in the early 1900s when they first made their appearances off the racks and out the factory garage doors. Almost every part under the hood and places where a fire could start would have traces of asbestos.

Why Asbestos Under the Hood?

Naturally, one of the hottest parts of a vehicle lies underneath the hood, the engine. It is the heart of the automobile and is usually where fires would start. Since asbestos will not burn in a fire, the manufacturers decided it was the best option to keep the vehicle from catching on fire with all excess heat built up over time. The worst part of fires that scared most people was the combination of fire, oil, and gas. We all know they do not mix. So, they had to do something and decided to put asbestos in all the parts and under the hood to stop the vehicle from catching fire, and for the most part, it worked.

Why Asbestos in Vehicle Brakes

Throughout the entire vehicle, there is nothing that gets more friction than brakes. The wheels’ velocity is turning at a more formidable and faster pace for a car going fast. As metal can throw a spark at any moment, it becomes a fire hazard through friction. Asbestos was placed inside the brakes to keep a fire from starting. That is why sparks can form for a long time once the pad is worn out, and there is no fire. It gives the owner time to purchase brakes and have it repaired. It does not mean the brakes will never catch fire; however, they will eventually.

Is Having Asbestos in Car Parts Dangerous?

For many people, asbestos is a foul word. Many deaths and lawsuits are affiliated with Asbestos.Net due to the illness known as mesothelioma, a form of cancer with no cure. There is no danger as long as the car parts are not broken, and the fiberlike powder gets airborne. It is only then it is hazardous and deadly. All traces are inside the metal, and it is complicated to shatter metal and some of the plastic parts throughout the vehicle. Much care is taken when dealing with these parts, and many of the old worn out parts are safely discarded.

Changes from Using Asbestos in Automobiles?

Certain countries have a ban on asbestos, and one of those countries is Australia. As more countries work to ban asbestos, it will eventually die out in car parts. The penalties are costly, but there are a few parts where asbestos is in vehicles and still allowed even though it is banned.

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