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‘You might get people killed’: Some netizens upset with Toyota AE86 driver on his 99 bends drive in Buona Vista, Singapore News

‘You might get people killed’: Some netizens upset with Toyota AE86 driver on his 99 bends drive in Buona Vista, Singapore News

May 19, 2022published at 4:08 AMByAmierul RashidAsiaOne

Car enthusiasts among us would jump at any opportunity to race at legendary tracks like Monza in Italy or the Nurburgring in Germany.

However, a local automobile lover probably felt that he didn’t need a trip to Europe to hone his driving skills.

He managed to recreate that track experience by whizzing around the bendy turns of South Buona Vista Road in his Toyota AE86, a car popularised by the Japanese manga series Initial D where the main character navigates this car on the fictional mountain Mount Akina. 

TikTok user Tehzisheng posted a 114-second video of his driving escapade on Tuesday (May 17). The clip received 73,000 views and 163 comments at the time of writing. 

The exact date and time of the drive cannot be confirmed.


99 Bends street driving in the #AE86 (I almost always double clutch on upshifts and rev-match on downshifts.) Put on your earpiece for maximum #4age experience. #fyp #sgtiktok #initiald #99bends #ae86singapore

♬ original sound – Issac Teh – Issac Teh

The video was split into three sections with different cameras pointing toward the road ahead, the manual gearbox lever and the car pedals.

In the video, Tehzisheng took a right turn from Kent Ridge Road to enter the winding South Buona Vista Road.

Known as “99 bends”, translated from Hokkien, it’s a road with quite a reputation due to the many twisty turns and blind corners it has.

Some drivers have used it as an unofficial racing route, just like in May 2021 when a Suzuki Swift lost control and swerved into a road barrier.

Not that the incident bothered Tehzisheng, who could be seen furiously performing well-timed gear changes as he manoeuvred each bend.

From the video, it is unclear if this driver was speeding.

But one netizen made his stance very clear, commenting: “Bro, please think about other road users, they may have children in cars or elderly inside. Please think about [their] loved one. Cheers.”

Another claimed Tehzisheng had zero sense of responsibility and his actions “might get people killed”.


Other netizens, however, were in awe of Tehzisheng’s driving skills, including those distracted by his footwear (or more accurately, the lack of it).



AsiaOne has reached out to Tehzisheng for more information.

In June 2017, a white Toyota AE86 smashed headfirst into road barriers along a slip road into the East Coast Parkway Expressway (ECP), at Bedok South Avenue 1.

The Japanese car was towed away and no injuries were reported.

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